On the meaning of movement

A day with Colwyn Trevarthen and David Lee

Jeudi 28 Mars 2019 Salle de Conference Centre Pouchet
59 rue Pouchet 75017 Paris


Organized by Maya Gratier (LECD) and Asaf Bachrach (SFL, labodanse.org)


[From Dave and Colwyn] We want to take part in a celebration of human joy in imitations of art in music and dance. We believe this mutual awareness must be the source of all meaning in our artificial world. We both want to correct text-driven psychologies that believe our consciousness is a Piagetian individual thinking reflexly in words about stimulating events, inventing, and learning rules and labelling experiences, with ‘pleasure in mastery for themselves’. We study prospective control of body movements by feelings, in animals and plants, and how they make social communities.
We humans are what we do, and especially what we do together.
All we come to share, in messages and technologies, has to be done with rhythms of moving with a body made for imitating stories of feeling in action.




title (and link to videos)

Colwyn Trevarthen

9:30-10:30  slides 1 sildes 2

Matthieu Gaudeau and Asaf Bachrach


Open discussion


Lunch break



David Lee

14:00-15:00 slides

Ross Parry, MCF, STAPS, Paris 10

15:15-16:00 slides

Michel Imberty